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.... and they lived Happily Ever After!

With the help of Fur Ever Friends volunteers, each of these animals found nurturing foster care and loving homes:


Dexter was only 7 months old when his beloved owner was deployed to Afghanistan, and he was placed in foster care. So we were delighted that our  web site has just found  this sweet pup  a wonderful new home. Jessica, his new mom, writes  "He's doing great! The cats are pretty much adjusted to him now. They sniff him and come up and lay on the  bed  with him." Getting Dexter to stay still for a photo wasn't easy, though.  "He's so hyper and gets so excited, it's hard to get a good one of him," Jessica says. "I tried the other day at the park with Dexter on a swing but he ended up jumping  down and I ended up falling backwards!" Here's a picture of the happy little guy  and his doting mom on an outing to Cumberland Falls.

puppies held in handHighway and Pups

We are pleased that "Highway" and her nine, yes NINE, puppies have all been successfully adopted. "Highway" is a gentle black lab, that was found along with with her 9 newborn puppies (possibly Rotweiler cross) on the side of a highway, one frigid day last February.


CharlieDog named Charlie

Charlie was an abandoned,  scared little puppy  wandering  forlorn and muddy on a winter day. Adopted by newley-weds, he became their first 'baby.'








Gus was dumped in the mountains, left to forage for food. When rescued, he was covered with wounds and almost bald from starvation. Today he's the pampered pet of a North Carolina couple who drove 600 miles to adopt him.





Loki had a hard time before his luck changed. Found as a hyper peppy stray puppy, he spent months in foster care. After he finally got adopted, his foster mom suffered a terrible injury that prevented her taking care of him. So with the help of 5 relay drivers and in cooperation with Buffalo Paws & Claws Animal Shelter we transported him to upstate N.Y. where he was adopted by a family with 9 children.



kittens in basket



Lucy's Kittens

These kitties were from the sixth known litter of a feral cat eluding capture while living under an abandoned trailer  for four years. Irresistably adorable, they quickly found homes, and mama cat  discovered that sleeping on a Queen-sized bed between two humans beat independent living afterall.

kitten with sandal
The hardest part of fostering kittens is giving them away once you finally find them new homes!






Gracie the Great Dane was nearly dead from neglect and starvation when rescued. Today she enjoys not only lots of loving care, but as you can see, her own personal groomer




Yo Yo

When  Yo Yo was  a frozen, starving three-week-old kitten abandoned in a churchyard she was  fortunate enough to be found by one of the most dedicated cat rescuers in our network. Since then she reigned supreme over her human servants for the rest of her nine lives.





The temperature was skyrocketing above 94 F. the day Stowie climbed into the tire well of a truck while the driver  was changing a flat tire. The next morning pathetic meows alerted him to his nearly baked stowaway. Since then, Stowie maintains, it's much cooler to be a housecat.  






Sweetie was hunkering in the shade of a tall pine tree in the Daniel Boone National Forest when she was rescued. Her gaunt condition, a touch of mange and bleeding paws led us to believe she had been running for a long time. She let us know, however, that the life of a footloose wanderer didn't hold a match to a full food bowl, a belly rub, and a soft sofa.






Picked up in a school yard, my history was a mystery. And I cannot imagine why the family who adopted me named me Trouble!




This cat and her two companions were the cherished pets of an old lady who died. Soon after finding them a new home, we relocated pets from two more households due to their owners' deaths.


sleeping cat

These are just some of many success stories of animals helped by donations through our organization.






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